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Medium tells how calling came

Kate Nolan
The Arizona Republic
Apr. 12, 2007 12:00 AM

SCOTTSDALE - Sunni Welles, a spiritual medium from Sedona, teams with grief recovery specialist Christine Duminiak on Saturday in Scottsdale to give an after-death communication seminar for the bereaved.

Welles recently made time for a chat.

Question: How does the after-death seminar work?

Welles: Christine Duminiak comes on first. She teaches people 20 different ways they can find after-death communication: a tickle on the cheek, changing clocks, tapping on the shoulder, visits from animals.

I don't kill a fly or a spider in my house. My mother visits through flies. Even in winter, a fly will get in my house and walk up my arm.

Q: What's your part of the program?

A: I come on just before lunch and tell how I received my gift. After lunch, it's readings all afternoon. Everyone gets a reading.

Q: Can you talk to Anna Nicole Smith?

A: I haven't tried, but I would imagine some medium somewhere is gonna come out with a book saying they spoke with Anna Nicole. That's not my mission here.

Q: What's it like on the other side?

A: Very much how we'd like it to be. If you are an ocean person, you can create an ocean environment, or mountain or whatever.

Q: How did you acquire your gift?

A: I was a singer in Las Vegas and was working for Debbie Reynolds when she was losing her hotel.

We had a band of merrymakers who were part of the show in her hotel lounge. . . . In 1994, I was in prayer begging God to help Debbie with the hotel. I was on my knees praying, "Lord, if you don't want me to sing anymore, I won't. If you want me to live in a tent, I will."

Three weeks after that fervent prayer, I was writing in my journal and I looked up and saw these sparkling lights in my mirror and soon it manifested into two angels. I could hear, but their lips were moving like a movie that wasn't dubbed right. They said, "We are here to tell you God has granted your mission, that you will be serving God and Christ. Those that follow will tell you what to do."

And I don't do drugs or drink - but I am trying to quit smoking.

Q: Do you channel spirits?

A: No, they're around me all the time. You can get a lot of spirits tapping on your shoulder. When I come out onstage, I'll look at 60 people in the audience, and I'll see hundreds of spirits. They're constantly asking, "Can I talk to you?"

Q: Do you observe a religion?

A: I'm a born-again Christian. I call myself a spiritual Christian medium. . . . I have several people from my church who know what I am doing and are praying for me. They know my love of God, but fundamental Christians think you shouldn't be talking to the dead. Catholics accept it more readily. They talk to the dead all the time.

Q: What are your audiences like?

A: Most are grieving or in pain. The last one in Philadelphia was very hard for me and Christine. In Arizona, people are much more enlightened about spirituality. They're much more aware out here. We live in a spiritual realm.