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Talking about the next world


July 15, 2006

Christine Duminiak’s parents died several years ago, but she says they often show up as spirits at her Philadelphia home around dinnertime.

“My dad will massage the top of my head when he is around, and my mother will tickle the side of my face, so I know who is who. They come a few times a week,” said Duminiak, author of “God’s Gift of Love: After-Death Communications.” She says her father knows how “cooking-challenged” she is, so he comes to “give me a little boost there.”

Duminiak, a certified grief recovery specialist, says she has discovered 20 ways that departed loved ones communicate with the living and advises people what to look for. She will join Christian medium Sunni Welles for a five-hour seminar, “Bridges to Heaven for Those Who Grieve,” on July 22 in Mesa. They said they will split the day talking about the afterlife, making contact with the “next world” and helping the grieving learn about the welfare of deceased loved ones.

Welles makes a living on the phone at her Sedona home as a spiritual medium. The author of “Glimpses of Heaven From the Angels Who Live There” claims to have the ability to request specific spirits to communicate with. In addition, she claims three other gifts: Automatic handwriting, in which spirits take over her hand and write exactly what they want said; clairaudience, or hearing the spirits speak, even providing her the power to reproduce speech patterns and accents; and the gift of discernment, or testing “to be sure the spirit communicating is from God’s spiritual realms.”

The medium, who usually charges $150 for a half-hour phone session, said she has had thousands of clients, including Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus. She confines sessions to telephone conversations to minimize outside visual distractions and influences.

“They get a more valuable session if I don’t see them, if I don’t make judgments, if I can’t read the body language or see if they are well-dressed,” she said.

“They want to know that their relatives are at peace,” Welles said. It’s not just new information that the medium claims to convey. “It is validation that their loved one is with them.” Sometimes they want to know whom their loved one first met when they crossed over, and was it Jesus, she said.

Welles’ Web site stresses that she is a Christian medium, and that once a phone connection is established, she says a prayer for the session and encourages the client to say one’s own prayer.

“I do stress my belief system,” she said. “I clear the spirits in the name of Jesus Christ, but because all religions are included in the communication with spirits,” she has found she has access across the faith spectrum.

“They basically don’t hear any kind of preaching from me, or any kind of religious overtones, unless they ask a question,” Welles said. Duminiak said after-death communications began in 1998.

“In the middle of the night, I woke up from a dream, and my (deceased) in-laws came to visit me,” she said. “They stayed about an hour.” She awoke her husband and told him his parents were there. “He couldn’t see them, but I had the ability to see them” but not hear them, she said. Over the next few weeks, she saw them repeatedly. From there, Duminiak sought out others involved in after-death communication, and she was put in touch with Welles. Welles contacted Duminiak’s guardian angel, who said Duminiak was destined to help people spiritually and emotionally.

“I have the most gratifying life because when people understand they are getting signs from their loved ones, it really replaces that sorrow with joy.” They further realize that their deceased loved ones are not in some remote place, “but God allows them to come and visit them and comfort them, and they still know what is going on in their lives.”

Duminiak said that knowledge causes a significant shift in the grieving process.

“They really don’t have to say goodbye, because their relationship continues on with their loved ones,” she said. “Even though it is a spiritual one, it is still a wonderful relationship, and they are starting these new memories through the signs they get from their loved ones.”

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